Protegent Antivirus Review

Protegent anti virus has become a virus-like internet meme, and the provider that means it is is now looking to get rid of the term. It is a popular program designed to preserve computers coming from cyber threats, and is available from the main websites. However , its distribution has been difficult for some users, with advertisings appearing on the webpage and bundling free application with the merchandise. It is uncertain why these kinds of extra programs are simply being included, or perhaps why they can be so irritating.

The online privacy policy of Protegent is very clear. Users are informed that they can be able to get their sensitive information when they purchase the application. This information is necessary for the registration process and for repayment. However , this company can use it to modify their website and resolve any disputes. They will also use this to send messages with item offers and updates. In the unlikely event of a loss of data incident, they will also share these details with the experts.

The Anti-phishing feature in Protegent is another unique feature. That protects your computer from scam scams and web sites which may contain malevolent code. Very low dedicated part called the Anti-Phishing characteristic. It also has an Activity Reporter feature that will bring a tab about emails and blacklists all of them if they are suspicious. It is crucial to note until this antivirus will only work on MS Outlook and Exchange email machines, so it is not a reliable method for well-known messaging systems.

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